Anything invented by man features a short life before it fades away, and money is not any exception. Created for trade then the wealth of these who made it their god they become so attached that it occupies their mind constantly. Meaning they need no room for taking note of the Spirit voice within them, and that they suffer the results. As their wealth grows many die horrible deaths from incurable diseases, suicide, or others.

The world’s economic future is now dire as manipulation of currencies and such take priorities. Wars are about money and power and that we are rapidly coming to a serious confrontation which will see the earth change as never before.

Already with global climate change, scarcity of water, drought, famine, disease, and other things mounting pressure on countries and their economy the last item it required was a trade war. How will that play call at the sunshine of the opposite problems the planet faces?

The only place money is generated is from the environment. Whether its crops replacing forests, or animals targeted for food or pleasure, nothing about it’s good for the earth. Mining minerals, oil, gas, and other things are depleting the air of oxygen while causing CO2 to dominate the atmosphere.

Overfishing of oceans and therefore the inexcusable destruction of unwanted species is horrendous. The wastage of excesses is disgusting while the extinction of species of animals and plants the advantage of which isn’t yet understood is horrifying. Yet man continues on his destruction because he doesn’t know and possibly cannot now live without money.

While its initial purpose was trade it’s become so entrenched in our lives that we are asked to buy almost everything we rely on to survive. That forces everyone to earn it or come by it in another way. So how long can we survive with it?

The reality is that countries are already so corrupt that the governments are siphoning off the profits and other people are starving. this is often seen in several places because the remainder of the planet watches. In some regions so-called civil wars rage on as populations flee while seeking refuge and safety. As they are going many of their numbers fall and die.

Money is that the root of corruption and criminality and, like religion, it’s so entrenched within the human psyche that nothing in need of complete extermination of the species will end it. That’s rapidly coming to fruition because the planet struggles to survive, people die in their millions, but the birth rate overtakes the numbers of deaths by millions more. That’s why money is failing as it is a death sentence humans have inflicted upon themselves.

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