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Enhancing Your Brand’s Visual Appeal with Motion Graphics

Nowadays, videos bring most of the traffic on the internet. Moreover, businesses can capitalize on this fact to better plan their video marketing strategies. Motion Graphics Services can certainly help companies in this regard. They can help businesses come up with solid moving graphics videos for their brands without breaking the bank.

Not to mention, animated infographics (motion or moving graphics) best use text, graphics, colors, and movement. It aids businesses in creating fascinating visual content and effectively portraying their brand identity. More often than not, companies use moving graphics for logo animations, product animations, and infographics.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion or animated infographics are simply the representation of graphics in motion. It falls under animation, that is, an umbrella term for moving images, cartoons, clay animation, and more. Similar to other types of explainer videos, moving graphics are easy-to-understand and shareable. Animated infographics are short and right to-the-point videos. Thus, brands confidently utilize it to grippingly portray the information about their products and services to the audience.

How Can Motion Graphics Enhance Your Brand’s Visual Appeal?

Moving graphics animations are highly beneficial when it comes to enhancing your brand’s visual appeal. Here is how it can benefit your brand and augment its visual appeal:

Quick to Create and Cost-Effective: Creating animated infographics animation does not entail rocket science. Besides, it will significantly reduce the cost of video production if you choose to create moving graphics animation. With moving graphics, you also do not need to hire someone to explain something and make your brand stand out.

Contrarily, producing live-action videos for branding can cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, motion graphics let you save ample money while allowing your brand to stand out amongst competitors. Not to mention, they also take less time to create, which makes them cost-effective.

Moreover, one of the best examples of motion graphics animation is Melbourne Metro’s song, “Dumb Ways to Die.” Instead of investing in posters and hiring actors, Melbourne Metro opted for a moving graphics animation video. It aided Melbourne Metro in cost-effectively promoting its ad campaign for safety around trains with a video that went viral.

Digestible, Fascinating, and Also Memorable: Moving graphics animations are easy-to-digest, entertaining, and memorable at the same time. Adding animated infographics to your video marketing strategy will enhance its effectiveness. They are easily digestible for the target audience because of their engaging visual content. Put differently, moving graphics animations leave a lasting impression on viewers’ minds; consequently, viewers remember them.

Colorful and Eye-Catching: When it comes to capturing the audience’s attention, colors play an important role. In addition, it is important that you choose colors for moving graphics animations that best represent your brand. It will aid your viewers in better relating your brand with the products and services you sell. Both colors and eye-catching graphics are imperative to consider while you make animated infographics.

Moreover, Facebook is a social media giant that plays moving graphics ads automatically. Further, it sets the ad to mute as per its default setting. If the non-verbal animated graphics seem appealing to the audience, they manually turn on the audio. Moreover, adding the right colors and eye-catching visuals can certainly help your motion graphics or brand videos in this regard. Therefore, our point is that you brilliantly use colors and visuals in your video to ensure it stands out.

In order to make the most out of moving graphics animation for branding, hire a professional motion graphics service. It will aid you in coming up with a first-rate animated infographics video to portray your brand identity.

Ways You Can Use Motion Graphics to Showcase Your Brand Identity

When it comes to using moving graphics animation to portray your brand identity, you have different ways. The following are different ways you can use animated infographics and stand out in the competition:

  1. Social Media Posts: You can make your social media posts entertaining for the audience if you use moving graphics rather than static images. Besides, you will attract more customers to your brand if you use an interactive moving graphics animation on social media. In addition, adhere to consistent design practices to effectively use your animated graphics videos on social media platforms. For instance, using an opening title sequence for your video will surely help you to increase your brand awareness.
  1. Animated Explainer Videos: Animated explainer videos are short videos that allow businesses to effectively explain their products and services. You may have a great story to depict your target audience, such as why you started your business. Using moving graphics animation, you can effectively communicate your brand story with the target audience. Moreover, the four essential components for creating animated explainer videos include the following:
  • Presenting the Problem
  • Presenting the Solution
  • How Your Product or Service Works
  • A Call to Action (CTA)
  1. Animated Logo: Animating your logo with the aid of dynamic graphics won’t only make it stand out but also make it memorable. You need to add motion to your static logo for this purpose. It will add flare to your logo, plus aid you in grabbing and holding your audience’s attention. Put differently, it will aid your logo to capture more eyes and eventually increase your brand awareness.
  2. Titles: You can enrich your video titles if you use custom and branded animation for the purpose. It will make your video more appealing, distinctive, and memorable. Eventually, it will increase your brand awareness.
  3. Icons: You can give your icons some life if you use moving graphics animation for the purpose. Again, it will aid you in effectively distinguishing your brand from your competitors.
  1. User Interface Animation: You may have an app or digital platform that you can showcase in action with motion graphics animations. Doing so will allow your audience to make the most out of the features of your app or digital platform.

You can undeniably augment the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with moving or dynamic graphics. Moreover, the high engagement value of the animated content, such as animated infographics, is the reason for it. Thus, we encourage you to create moving graphics animation for branding with the aid of the best motion graphics service.


Solid motion graphics videos can help brands stand out amongst competitors without breaking the bank. These cost-effective videos can enhance your brand’s visual appeal because of their high engagement value and digestibility. It is important, too, that you use your brand’s colors and eye-catching visuals in your moving graphics video. Further, you can use moving graphics animation as social media posts, explainer videos, logo animation, and more. Last but not least, motion or dynamic graphics animations are worth the investment for branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why You Should Use Motion Graphics in Your Marketing Strategy and Social Media?

A1. Visual content becomes easier to digest for the target audience with moving graphics animation. Further, motion graphics better capture the audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Thus, businesses have good reason to use animated infographics for marketing and social media.

Q2. Which Industry Is Motion Graphics an Important Part of?

A2. Motion graphics is basically part of the animation industry. Often, the film industry uses moving graphics animation. The use of animated infographics is also common in television shows besides movies. Today, businesses also use moving graphics animations in content marketing and advertising.

Q3. Is There a Demand for Motion Graphics Designers?

A3. Yes, there is a demand for moving graphics designers in AI companies, entertainment sectors, marketing firms, creative agencies, and more.

Q4. Why Is Motion Graphics Important for Business?

A4. Motion graphics are important for businesses to effectively portray their brand identity. Using such animation won’t only successfully grab your audience’s attention but also increase your brand awareness. Hence, moving graphics animation is great for businesses to increase brand awareness.



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